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General Dentistry

Dentistry for Children

Desert Sky Dental values a positive experience to be the main goal for children. We welcome all questions regarding young ones at home or invite your little one to attend your cleaning to start to get to know our team and allow Dr. Cutler to answer your questions.

Dental Checkups

We all are busy but it’s important to make time for regular visits to your dentist to maintain good oral health. Schedule your dental checkups in Summerlin today.

Dental Checkups & Cleaning

No one does dental checkups and cleanings in Summerlin better than Desert Sky Dental. It is so important to visit your dentist regularly to maintain your oral health and remove plaque and tartar.

Dental Crowns and Bridges

Are you missing a tooth or have one that’s damaged? Get a dental crown or a bridge in Summerlin and restore your beautiful smile. Repairing a tooth can make things a lot easier and allow you to eat without pain.

Inlays & Onlays

Inlays and Onlays in Summerlin have become a popular choice when it comes to repairing tooth decay or wear and tear. These custom-designed porcelain fillings look good and bond permanently in place. A dental Onlay in Summerlin might be the best option for you.

Dentures and Partial Dentures

Some things are un-avoidable with aging and that includes tooth loss. Sometimes tooth replacement in the form of Summerlin dentures is the only solution but, with today’s technology, there are many options for tooth replacement.

Root Canal Therapy

When significant damage occurs to the soft tissue inside of your tooth, known as the dental pulp, you may need a specialized kind of procedure called a root canal.

Sedation Dentistry

At Desert Sky Dental, we’re qualified and have earned accreditation and permission by the Nevada State Board of Dental Examiners to provide IV sedation. to our patients. We are a safe and ideal place for all your dental needs.

Emergency Dentistry

Unfortunately, accidents and injuries can happen and, in some cases, may require immediate attention. Below are some of the conditions that may require immediate attention and what you can do to kickstart your recovery.

Family Dentistry

Choosing the right dentist can be a difficult decision. You need to feel confident that you will be taken care of. Desert Sky’s family dentist in Summerlin takes that responsibility seriously.


Check out Invisalign in Summerlin and find out how digital technology can straighten your teeth without unsightly metal brackets.

Metal Free Dentistry

Metal Free Dentistry in Summerlin that lets you discover an alternative to traditional dentistry.

Teeth Whitening

Give your smile an upgrade with Teeth Whitening in Summerlin. Our Desert Sky specialists have the State Of the Art techniques to give you a dazzling new smile.

Come in for a consultation to find out all about the best dentist Summerlin. Let Desert Sky Dental help you own your smile.